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At Winton Policy Group,
The way we work says it all.


Winton Policy Group is a Missouri-based consulting and government relations firm with more than 25 years experience helping clients realize their policy objectives. Our work philosophy is simple and guides our efforts on behalf of our clients every day.


We will not be outworked. Lobbying, consulting, and other government relations efforts require preparation, planning, and execution. We bring the discipline and work ethic to deliver on advocacy, action and real-world change. From the first meeting to the last vote, we’re here to work.


We make sure we know every side of any issue. We dig deep into the policies and programs that impact our clients to effectively pursue their policy goals.

We are in a continuous process of building relationships and developing expertise. Our efforts extend beyond the Capitol as we spend time traveling Missouri meeting with policymakers and clients. These efforts create the foundation of trust and understanding to lobby at the highest professional level.

About Us


  • Shaping policy through diligence and hard work

  • Listening and learning before tackling issues

  • Honesty and clarity

  • Accountability and transparency

  • Making issues a priority, not settling for passive support

  • Refusing to be outworked 


"With David and his team in the Capitol,

I never worry about missing key actions

or opportunities that affect my company."

 Drue Duncan, Pfizer

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