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Government relations Services

Winton Policy Group offers a comprehensive array of government relations services aimed at achieving clients’ policy objectives.



Every area of our clients’ work matters to us, and we are always available to consult on legislative strategy, committee testimony, legislative relationship building, and other issues that may arise.

We also assist organizations with membership communication and engagement through:

Consultation and assistance on membership outreach

Updates, written materials, and presentations for members 

Support for coalition building and strategic relationship development

Legislative Relationship Building and Visibility

Hundreds of groups come through the Capitol each year. We work to cut through the noise so legislators know our clients and understand why their issues matter. This includes facilitating:

Meetings with clients and legislators in the Capitol or around the state

Discussions between clients and key department staff

Events at client facilities, such as tours and open houses, to showcase services 

Meetings with other industry groups where cooperation may be mutually beneficial 


Direct lobbying is at the core of successfully moving, blocking, or negotiating policy and appropriations initiatives. Successful lobbying begins with sound strategy. Before session, we work with clients to develop clear priorities, so we are well equipped for the
fast-paced decisions that must be made throughout the legislative process.

We believe good lobbying is about more than securing passive support. We aim to make clients’ issues priorities for legislators. At each step in the process, we look for opportunities to advance clients’ issues. And when roadblocks emerge, we work every angle to overcome or maneuver around them. There are fewer than 80 legislative days in a session, and we devote every single one to pushing clients’ agendas forward.  After bills pass, we work closely with the Executive Branch on gubernatorial approval as well as department implementation and rulemaking.

WPG’s range of lobbying services are designed to execute strategies to advance clients' goals in the Capitol. These services include: 

Directly lobbying members of the Legislative and Executive Branches 

Formulating a policy strategy

Analyzing emerging policies and providing clients with notification and context

Developing and implementing strategies throughout the year to advance legislative goals  

Monitoring and Tracking

Sound legislative strategy is built on accurate and timely information. The WPG team has deep relationships with legislators, staff, department leaders, and other lobbyists to learn of emerging issues as they unfold. Understanding the full context of an issue is essential to seizing opportunities and adjusting strategy to overcome barriers.

We offer clients an array of monitoring and tracking services, including:

Updates on newly-filed bills of interest that highlight when action or decisions may be required

Regular status reports on bills of interest

Notice of committee hearings

Committee hearing summaries

Information on proposed rules or other departmental decisions




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